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Adnaliser should not be missing to any Advertiser!
Adnaliser is a tool that analysis the online campaigns, measuring the rank visibility of banners. Adnaliser is one of the first products introducing the “viewable impressions” concept in Romania. Preliminary researches and studies have shown that more than 40% of the delivered banners (for CMP and for Advertiser’s paid campaigns) are never seen by users. Therefore we consider that the Advertisers should be the first to know exactly what is happening with paid ads and also how their message arrives to public attention.
Adnaliser should not be missing to any Advertiser. With this tool you know exactly how many banners are seen, depending on time frequency and banner surface, to take the correct decision on achieving your goals.
Adnaliser is a product backed by TradeAds Interactive. Our mission is to contribute at the evolution of Romanian’s online advertising market. We consider the relation between Advertiser and Publisher as being transparent and exclusively governed by the principles of request and offer.
To stay in touch with the company’s activity and the development of online advertising, we recommend visiting :www.tradeads.eu.