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Do you want to measure the visibility rank of your ads?

Through Adnaliser we propose a simple mechanism to optimize the online advertising campaign.

Viewable impressions methodology consists in a JavaScript code that follows each banner on the site. When register the user defines the campaign codes that he wishes to measure. These codes are made per campaign, client, network, site, dimension and creative. Once generated, the codes have to be put as external codes in each adserver that rolls the campaign.

Through this code the impressions are evaluated and reported in the Adnaliser account. The registered information represents the support through which it generates reports about the exact number of impressions and also the time when they were seen.

When an ad followed by the viewable impression script arrives on the site, the Adnaliser code reports to the server the ad’s behavior as you can see in the demo page. This information is being processed, analyzed and transformed in reports that you can consult in the application’s account and export it in Excel.

Do you want to know how many of paid impressions are actually seen by someone?
Adnaliser is working on the following browsers:
  • Internet Explorer 7,8,9
  • Firefox 3.5 and next
  • Chrome
  • Opera 10, 11
  • Safari

The Adnaliser has to support these browsers, because the codes are delivered as 3rd parties. The adservers that deliver Iframe banners cannot introduce the Adnaliser code.

In Bursa de Reclama we already introduce this principle. In this way the CPC ads count only if they are visible. There is the possibility to deliver CPMV campaigns which are counted only if they are visible.