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16 Reasons for using Adnaliser
After a detailed research about the banners visibility, we discovered 16 reasons why Adnaliser represents a support in optimizing your online advertising campaigns. The difficulty to establish a fair price for delivered impressions appears in the following situations:
  • The user clicks on another page before the ad loads and renders.
  • The ad loads, but in an area of the web page that is not within the viewer's browser window dimensions and scrolling position.
  • The requests was made by a spider or crawler.
  • The user has installed an ad blocker.
  • The user does not have the proper plug-in to render rich media installed.
  • The user resizes the browser.
  • The user opens another window or another application.
  • The user opens another browser tab.
  • The user switches focus to another browser or application.
  • The user moves the browser window so the ad is outside the display screen area.
  • The request was made by an (invisible to the user) web page re-direct.
  • Multiple ads are displayed in layers overlapping each other.
  • An image overlaps an ad on the page sites.
  • An ad delivered in an invisible width="0" height="0" Iframe.
  • The ad is placed in a zone that overcomes the site dimensions.
  • The user has a browser set to block images and/or JavaScript.