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Viewable Impressions
Viewable impressions are the impressions that are actually seen by the human eye. Although there is not a standard approved by IAB, broadly speaking an impression is visible if two conditions are accomplished: the time when the visible screen is longer than one second and at least a 35% of the banner’s surface is in the user’s visible area.
Why are not all the impressions visible? There are some reasons for a banner not to be seen by users. Adnaliser takes into account each of these situations; analysis and reports each impression in the real context of the process.
Adnaliser follows each banner delivered by an adserver and collects the information regarding the browser settings, the window dimensions, the moment when the user scrolls, resize or close the window, and also the banner’s position in site. All these information are used to determine the visibility rank of each banner.
Adnaliser represents a support for optimizing the performance of online campaigns. Designed for Advertisers, Adnaliser can release specific data about the real number of impressions delivered by online ads. We think that is in the Advertisers advantage to obtain suitable reports about the number of impressions per campaign.
Measuring the visible impressions is an important step on the evolution of online advertising market. In this way, Advertisers can focus on introducing campaigns that will raise the conversion’s rate through a proper investment in campaigns for what they pay the exact number of impressions. To see how Adnaliser works, visit Demo Page.